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The Reason why you shoud chose Bluehost for your website

A Prophase of its review of Bluehost

From 1996 onwards, Bluehost remains unflinching in the service of providing high-quality website hosting solutions to individuals and business. There is a constant up-gradation day by day, thus endowing the domain buyers like you with apt security to your business. Veteran teams remain always overtly dedicated, and it can be claimed with the assurance that every month more than 20,000 new consumers become inclined to this popular solution for hosting websites.

Luring technology used by Bluehost

Using ameliorated technology over the years, this particular web host secures a unique website space in this sphere. They own datacenters, possess their own servers and certainly have direct connectivity to the nationwide fiber network. They have their indigenous custom Linux kernel with VPS protection. Briefly, they always make an endeavour to woo the audience with renewed technologies that other companies fail to provide.

Facilities of Bluehost

Boasting 50,000 square feet headquarters with two secondary data centres that attach over 20,000 square feet of data space. They procure the customers with UPS power, diesel generators, and excellent security and thus, they make the consumers elated and become succeeded in their service.

Pricing structures/ plans associated with affordable internet hosting solutions

A varied yet distinct pricing structure is in vogue for prospective buyers on the lookout for domain name servers.

– A 3 months account can be obtained at 9.95 dollars per month for three months, along with an extra 30 dollars to set it up. An additional 10 dollars is required if a particular domain needs to be registered. Thus this entire setup is available at $59.85.

– A 6 months account can easily be obtained likewise at $8.95 a month which constitutes, in totality, $83.70. However there is no setup fee here and on the next billing cycles.

– Similarly, a 12 months account at the rate of 7.95 dollars a month is obtained at $95.40, and a 24 months account can be feasibly obtained for $166.80 at mere $6.95 per month. Interestingly domain names are included free of cost for individuals who buy either 12 or 24 months account.

SSL certificates can be obtained easily for mere $45 on a yearly basis. This particular web host ensures customer satisfaction by providing customers with an efficacious guarantee on a 30 days money back, if the consumers choose to delete the account for personal reasons; the amount of service initially levied would be doled out to the customers.

Wooing masses with awesome features

Bluehost makes an arrangement of a web hosting solution for you within a small budget. Therefore, people get easily attracted to it. Some of its enigmatic features are:

  1. Unlimited disk storage
  2. Free drag and drop site builder
  3. Safe and secure POP3 and IMAP email support.
  4. Three different webmail solution and forwarding email access.

e. The facility of addon parked domain and subdomain FTP access, Secure Shell (SSH) Access, services of Web File Manager, holistic Hotlink Protection. Server-side supports to buyers include Override hatches Support, managing site file and log file statistics quite efficiently, managing Customizable Error Pages, dealing with a plethora of Custom Corn jobs and multiple Spam Assassin Protection services are available.

f. MySQL databases, CGI-BIN, CGI Library, PostgreSQL, open-source PHP 5 and customizable php.ini files, Perl 5 a derivative of C and Java, Python, Ruby on Rails or merely, Ruby, DHTML Support along with proper provision for Flash and/or Shockwave support.

Being a proud sponsor of OSCON award 2012 in support of open-source Bluehost reigns in the precipice of achievement and, therefore, can satisfy the customers.

a. A dedicated IP address-

Once you are set up and shared an IP address, you can also buy a unique, devoted IP address.

b. Privacy and protection to your personal information and maintenance of the domain privacy are ensured.

c. Protect your email with Postini mail spam protector.

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