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Happy February! Do you love or loathe v-day? I’m pretty indifferent about the sentiment – I shower my Nate with affection year ’round, not just on the 14th – but I adore all the treats. One helpful thing about having been vegan for years is that I’ve been able to try a wide variety… and sporting a […]

Wow, y’all, have I been up to no good. Of course, like the good southerner that I am, by “no good” I mean EVERYTHING AWESOME. Let’s start with the little sign of summer I discovered on the back porch over the weekend: Yup! That’s eggplant! Ok, so honestly, this post should probably be about five […]

Hello friends and foes, les liaisons dangereuses y amigos! I had hoped to give you an update before the 6th of this month, but I’ve been dutifully working on my thesis before tomorrow’s first meeting with my advisor in the new year. Blessed with a quiet home, good tea and coffee, and bountiful blankets for […]