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hello friends, another general living update. This has been a great week. Chattanooga treated us exceptionally well – Rock City was gorgeous and we had no problem finding tons of delicious vegan food (AKA Sluggo’s). Even the coffee shop had soymilk and stevia. But that’s all for another post. On Wednesday we celebrated our actual […]

Last Wednesday I got a certain bee in my bonnet, an urge to cook everything in my Vegetable Husband CSA basket in a single night. It was inspired by the basket’s arrival, an already-full fridge, and the desire to cook a (pretty darn close) farm-to-table meal. Since the produce, from Serenbe and Jenny Jack Sun farms, […]

The most marvellous thing happened last Wednesday: my Vegetable Husband arrived! No, I didn’t tie the knot – especially not to a turnip! (Though let’s be real, I’m over the moon for the brassicas.) I signed up for a weekly produce delivery service! Margie Thorpe’s Vegetable Husband is a kind of CSA for CSAs. Instead of […]