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hey folks! Nate & I are celebrating our three year anniversary with a little getaway, but before I tell you all about that I want to share the Thanksgiving magic! You probably already know that instead of offering a meal delivery Thanksgiving week, I made up a special a la carte casserole menu. I spent […]

This week I delivered my fifth round of meals and celebrated with a big ol’ piece of Southern Sweets strawberry cake and way more-than-usual leftovers, owing to a regular client being out-of-town. Like farmers who take a share of their crops for themselves, a huge perk of the meal delivery is getting to eat the […]

NoMoCoFo: an absurdity characterised by the long o, or the new theme for this month’s blogging adventures? If you guessed both, then you are correct–welcome to November, the Month of No-Mo’(re) Costly Food! (Technically NoMoNoMoCoFo, but I’m cutting myself a break.) My November blogging project concerns itself with reigning in my (and my household’s) food […]