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Heya, this is part two of my giant January catch-up post. Get started with Part One here - especially if you like cats. There are so many cat pictures. Monday January 13 I woke up early to make a delicious chana masala before heading down to AmericasMart. I recommend the Post Punk Kitchen recipe. It’s the […]

The final weeks of 2011 were good ones for the meal delivery. I aimed to show my enthusiasm and gratitude for my loyal clientele by putting together some prettier-than-usual food. Serenbe Farms made this easier by providing a complimentary share of produce for the first delivery. Note: authors’ names are included because I value giving […]

This week I delivered my fifth round of meals and celebrated with a big ol’ piece of Southern Sweets strawberry cake and way more-than-usual leftovers, owing to a regular client being out-of-town. Like farmers who take a share of their crops for themselves, a huge perk of the meal delivery is getting to eat the […]

This post is brought to you by our friends the adjectives – as in, let’s see just how many modifiers I can fit into a single subject line! Turns out, quite a few! Last night’s dinner was boss. No two ways about it, just crispy deep-fried tempeh surrounding a bed of sweet and sour greens, […]