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What is it? Crack the Plates meal delivery service is a private, weekly food delivery for individuals and families committed to living more sustainably and deliciously. Recent posts will give you an idea of what it looks like. There are two meal plans, a smaller (the three) and a larger (the five). Both contain entrees, sides, salad, soup or hummus, a fresh salad dressing, and dessert – all organic and totally vegan, with locally-sourced ingredients from Atlanta-area farmers like Gaia Gardens/Love is Love Farm, Third Angel Farm, and Truly Living Well. The East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market is my favorite.


UPDATE as of Fall 2013:

The meal delivery service is currently PAUSED. No date is currently set for the service to resume.
Please e-mail me at cracktheplates at gmail dot com if you’d like to be kept abreast of developments. And thanks for your interest!!


Click any link to visit the original post and see pictures.

  • Meal Deliveries: The First Week. Featuring bhindi masala with local golden tomatoes, pomegranate barbecue tofu, jerk seitan with sweet peppers, lime-studded coconut rice, maple-mustard green beans and potatoes, ginger-coconut creamed corn, sugar-seared tofu with petit pois and sundried tomatoes in tom yum creme, black heirloom quinoa with chickpeas, and more!
  • Meal Deliveries: Week Two. Highlights include Ethiopian red lentils and okra in spicy red gravy, spicy Merlot-baked seitan and peppers, Syrian eggplant stew, maple roasted sweet potatoes, pineapple-glazed beets, and macaroni and cheese.
  • Meal Deliveries: Week Three. Featuring hearty french lentil meetloaf with sage and onion gravy, Scotch Broth with Samuel Smith’s oatmeal stout, portobello stroganoff simmered with seitan, curry laksa with bok choy, and marinated green beans with oven-roasted shallots and toasted walnuts
  • Meal Deliveries: Week Four. Brazilian feijoada with organic red wine and portobellos; Red pozolé, a Mexican long-simmered stew studded with hominy; Chimichurri-baked tofu, and baked frittata with organic sweet, locally-grown peppers, sundried tomatoes, and achiote-infused oil
  • Meal Deliveries: Week Five. Coconut-creamed chana masala, French cassoulet with cannellini beans and fennel four ways, pad thai with tofu, smothered seitan-chops in mixed-local-mushroom gravy, and Chilean pastel de choclo, a shepherd’s pie-like concoction with a creamy fresh corn topping
  • End-of-year Meal Deliveries: pumpkin cream farfalle, red beans and seitan bourguignonne, sweet potato stew, crimson cabbage borscht, sweet chili tofu over lime-scented collards and cardamom quinoa, shaved local fennel, organic satsuma, and pomegranate salad.


Who makes it? Who buys it? Crack the Plates blogger Adrienne, who’s been in and out of the hospitality industry (in its many forms) for the past ten years, prepares and delivers the food. Her clients are a diverse group of folks united by some core beliefs 1) food is precious and should be valued as such and 2) no one makes food decisions in a vacuum. How we eat not only changes the landscape of our bodies, but it touches everything and everyone around us.

What’s on your shelf? Exclusively vegan ingredients. I do not compromise on organic (which includes non-GMO) ingredients, only using non-organic where organic ingredients cannot be found. Local, seasonal organic produce is preferred. Fair-trade chocolate, coffee, and spices are standards.

Why? I believe in supporting local food artisans who produce clean, beautiful food without shortcuts, animal abuse, or environmentally devastating chemicals. I vote with my dollars against our government’s proclivity towards tax breaks and subsidies for the so-called “farmers” who pump billions of gallons of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and animal waste into field and stream. In response, I put cash towards honestly-produced plant-based ingredients. For as policymakers encourage factory farms to squander our resources at home, we export terror abroad – about 40 cents of every income tax dollar goes towards war and debts on past wars. In protest, I buy organic, local, seasonal ingredients that are grown with care and respect for our shared planet. I do this so that those who care have an easy choice that’s aligned with their values.

How can I sign up? Since we’re a one-woman operation, invitation to Crack the Plates is limited and on a person-by-person, family-by-family basis. Thanks to a tremendous early response, we are currently at capacity. Please feel free to e-mail cracktheplates at gmail dot com if you’re interested in joining the service in the future! I’d love to have you on when possible.

I have the password. Give me the rest of the site. Okay! Go here!

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  1. Michele Hartung

    November 15, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Hello! I would like to give Christin Clatterbuck a gift of a week’s worth of dinners for her birthday. I’m her mom and I know she loves your food. Is this a possibility? Thanks so much.

  2. adriennefriend

    November 16, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    It absolutely is! Crack the Plates food is especially wonderful when given as a gift. :)

  3. M J

    December 9, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    This is such an awesome idea! And it speaks to the rise of veganism that you can actually have a successful business doing this… you go girl!

    p.s. Is there any way I could get the code for your “reasons for being vegan” sidebar…. I love it! :)


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