This weekend I threw out (recycled) a stack of at least two hundred crisp Atlanta Vegan Guides. Straight from the printer to a folder in my desk, they never even had a chance. Never displayed at Dough, never posted on anyone’s fridge, never amended with personal comments or shared with friends visiting from out-of-town.


Awwww- it’s the first edition of the guide (Fall 2012). Printing provided by the wonderful folks at Dough Bakery.

It was hard, but what was I to do? They were over a year out of date! That’s right: the last version went out Spring 2013, and it’s been 2014 for a while now. For cryin’ out loud, we’re nearly to fall!

So much has happened in the vegan world since last spring. Ammazza serves vegan pies with house-made cashew cheese! We have a freakin’ vegan thai restaurant! Pure Abundance is selling the world’s best vegan cheeses all over the place! (And Dulce Vegan is using Pure Abundance’s Pan in a swoonworthy sandwich called the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese.)

green_goddessPhoto by Dulce Vegan

Friends, it’s time.

It’s darn well past time.

I must update Atlanta’s only paper version of a vegan guide: THE Atlanta Vegan Guide.

(It’s also time to update Atlanta’s only online vegan guide, but we’ll tackle that next, okay?)

I need your help.

I started this money-savin’ project a few months ago, you see, to try and pay off some of my student loans at an accelerated rate. So I haven’t been dining out as much as I used to, and I’m not as aware of all the fun stuff that’s out there. The shameful truth: I haven’t had Ammazza pizza yet! I haven’t slurped noodles at Drink Art! (Although I did try. The place was packed and the waitlist a mile long.)

I need you to tell me what you think should be in the next edition of the Vegan Guide. Tell me what’s new, of course; but also tell me where YOU actually like to eat. The next edition should not only reflect the most recent additions to Atlanta’s culinary landscape, but it should include the places you actually go, so that when you hand a guide to a new friend, or someone visiting from out of town, you can say “This is a great a guide, and here’s MY favorite place!”

To sweeten the deal, I am offering another giveaway with this post. (!!!!!!!!) Please answer the following question in a comment:

A fun-loving vegan celebrity chef shows up in Atlanta with $100 burning a hole in their pocket. They want to spend the whole day with you. They need breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Where would you take them?

In addition to answering the question above, you can gain another entry by suggesting places that have not been featured in the guide before, OR, if you wanna get tendentious, tell me who should be removed from the guide (hee hee hee). The winner will receive a copy of Terry Hope Romero’s just-released book “Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don’t Have to Be Vegan to Love”.

saladsamurai-big_veganstreetPhoto by our friends at Vegan Street, makers of the internet’s bestbestBEST vegan memes! Go read their review here.


When Terry came to town for the first annual Atlanta Veg Fest, I took her to Dulce Vegan.
Here we are!
We also had sandwiches and treats Dough Bakery with our pals Seth and Elena of VeganESP.

The rules:

For obvious reasons, contest is open to Atlanta-based or former Atlanta residents only*, and will be shipped within the US. C’mon, give me your suggestions!

Please, be a friend: share this post on social media. But note that only comments posted to this entry count as Official.

Winner selected on Monday, July 28!

*If you’re neither and can make a really good case for yourself in your illuminating comment, you’ll be entered to win as well.