Hi hi friends! Or should I say, hej hej? After all, the Sweden posts are still on the way!

While everyone else is having fun with special themes for the Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo for short), I’m sharing vacation posts and looking towards fall and my favorite month of the year, October. October promises a trip back to Portland with Nate and another to NY for a wedding and family visiting. I’m also planning Nate’s birthday party on the 5th! VeganMoFo is usually held in October, but I’m kinda glad it isn’t this year – I’d probably be too busy to write.

I was still in Sweden when the MoFo deadline rolled up, so unfortunately I’m not on the official blog roll this year. However, I am participating insofar as I’m going to make a concerted effort to blog more often, and to reconnect with my bloggin’ friends. Thankfully I already have ten vacation posts lined up, and plenty of MoFo themes I’m itchin’ to check out.

How do you feel about vacation posts on personal blogs? Sometimes they can be boring, but more often I enjoy visiting new and exciting places through others’ eyes. I especially love vegan travel posts – they give me so many good ideas and ways to dream. I hope you regard mine similarly!

Without further adieu, day three…

A quick breakfast of leftover soup from the night before, Susanna’s amazing fresh-baked bread, nuts, more vegan cheese, and a Susanna staple: sliced tomatoes.

Susanna had the brilliant idea to take all of us to a spa in Malmo, so away we went to Victoria Park. By us I mean Nate+me as well as a couple of her friends visiting from France: Avril and Airlie. They had too much fun in Copenhagen the night before and were looking forward to a day of relaxation.

Nate and I especially loved the saunas. Here are some views of  the Aromatherapy and Crystal (dry) Sauna.

Deep breaths. So soothing.

A view of the steamy wet sauna. Susanna’s favorite and for good reason – it was so calm and cleansing. To the right of the door you see a place where you can grab handfuls of ice and rub it all over your arms and legs after leaving the sauna. Very refreshing!

Outdoor pool. No strange chemical or chlorine odors here – just pure, fresh water under the sun.

Indoor pool. Great for jumping in after the saunas.

Taking a break with some cucumber and lemon water. Isn’t spa water delightful? I try to replicate it at home by slicing half an organic cucumber and letting it sit in a pitcher of water in the fridge all day. Very refreshing.

Our day at Victoria Park was also memorable because it marked the time I learned to love eating fresh apples! No matter the variety, I’ve never been a fan of fresh apples. They’re just hard to bite and always too firm. But Sweden’s apples have a wonderful easy give – almost like a ripe pear – that made eating them delightful. I gobbled up three (!!!!) apples during our break.

The spa is next to an old quarry.

Dinner with friends on the lawn. Susanna made a one-pot ratatouille served over pasta. I added spinach and shredded vegan cheese.

I also made friends with this fuzzy-wuzzy bee.

So sweet! So fuzzy!

I couldn’t get enough. Are Swedish bees cuter than American bees? Or is it just this one? I want to cuddle!

Friday marked the first night of Malmo’s annual city festival, Malmofestivalen, so we took to the streets!

Walking to the fest.

We tried to get some money out for games, rides, and snacks, but the nasty Bankomat seized Nate’s card. Thankfully I was carrying mine…but we didn’t mess around with any more Swedish ATMs for the rest of our trip.

I cannot express in words how terribly desperately I wanted to ride this contraption. :-(

We were feeling snacky, so I sought out Kao’s. I’d been following this vegan restaurant on Facebook for a few months and knew they’d be at the fest. Although the festival food court was HUGE and every vendor was required  by event organizers to offer a vegetarian main, they were just that – vegetarian, often loaded with eggs and cheese or butter. Spotting Kao’s was like finding water in the desert. I ran to them!

Ok, so it’s just a burger, but.


Seriously, this burger was magic. I’m not usually into veggie burgers because they’re so whatever, but pleasant memories of this burger keep me awake at night. Housemade soy-veggie protein patty with mango chutney and tarragon mayonnaise. If you’re in Malmo, you gotta get to Kao’s. Even the employees are vegan!

Kao’s menu. You could also get the “Chipotlepanna”, which was a spicy soy stew with veggies served over jasmine rice. We had it at the restaurant and it was fantastic.

A few of the other pure vegetarian vendors…

Finally, being the American that I am, I started to crave something deep-fried. All that healthy food was getting to me! I made a beeline for the first Indian stall I saw and inquired about the samosas. Vegan? Sign me up.

They had a crispy shell like Ethiopian sambusas rather than the Indian samosas I’m used to here in Atlanta. I appreciated the little carrot-lettuce salad.

On the way out I saw a sign for sockervadd (candy-floss, cotton candy), but I resisted. 30 Swedish krona is equal to about $4.50, so pretty standard carnival prices. It wasn’t the price that held me back – I just really wanted to sleep.

We walked home along the water and passed the quiet Coast Guard. Thanks for looking out.

A grand third day. Thanks for joining me!!