I’m thrilled to report that the first week of meals have been delivered to fridges in East Atlanta, Decatur, and Midtown! Thanks so much to the three intrepid families who took a chance with the first delivery. I’m livin’ my dream – and totally couldn’t be doing it without you!

By now, you might have read, heard, or seen details about the delivery. It’s one thing to read about it – it’s another entirely to see the pictures. Here are the pictures!

All meals start with beautiful local produce. This stuff came from Sunday’s Grant Park Farmer’s Market!

Okra was abundant at the market. Who can resist the purple variety? Thanks to Nate for this glorious shot. It might be my favorite of 2011!

Okray, now that you’ve seen some of the produce, let’s open up a lunchbox!

In addition to food, there’s a newsletter and a comment postcard.

This week’s menu:

Here’s what a three looks like. Three entrees, three sides, a salad dressing, a hummus, a large salad and dessert! Depending on your appetite, three makes at least six meals, if not more! This is a LOT of food.

This is a five. Five entrees, five sides, a salad dressing, a large container of hummus, a gigantic salad, and dessert! Depending on your appetite, the five makes at least ten meals, if not more! This is a TON of food!

Detail on the five.

Here are some close-ups of the main courses:

barbeque tofu

bhindi masala

sugar-seared tofu in tom yum creme

jerk seitan

and a few of the sides:

maple-mustard string beans and potatoes

ginger coconut creamed corn

Oh, and dessert!

Fran Costigan’s Glazed Grape Tart in a pignoli-cornmeal crust!

I hope this post gave you a better idea of what the meal plans look like. Maybe I’ll get to feed you one day!