Tomorrow I leave for a two-week road trip to New York with my sweetheart. Today has been a busy one, full of cleaning and roasting vegetables and picking out dresses. I’m hoping that when we return we have internet in the apartment once more, but for now, we’re at Whole Foods mapping our trip and scouting vegan places on the journey. And I’m updating my blog! I just didn’t want to leave without telling you all about my fabulous fourth.

In my last post I mentioned that I would be cooking a lot of fourth food in hopes of raising money for our trip. That hope became a reality! Not only did tons of friends and friends-of-friends order lunches, but I got a great big catering order! Thanks to your generosity, we’re no longer freaking out about having to put any portion of our trip on the credit card. I feel great.

Thursday night I made eight dozen chocolate espresso cupcakes for Nate’s officemates. Three dozen had already been “reserved” – the others were up for grabs. Nate came home with an empty tray!

I started the fourth orders after the cupcake drop. Friday morning & me: 8 blocks of tofu, cubed, fried, drenched in gravy:

Deep dish.

Meanwhile, I soaked a bunch of organic navy beans from the co-op. Like, four pounds.

In time, such things became these things:

I took a break to make & donate cupcakes to neighbor holding a fundraiser:

The catering order was so pretty!

Look at these baked beans!

Crispy tempeh bacon is so delicious.

Mmmm, tempeh bacon. Okay, I’ll stop.

Packing it up for the final individual orders.

Out for delivery!

Signed, sealed, delivered – it’s yum.

To celebrate, I extracted March’s Chocolate of the Month from the freezer (and layers and layers of wrapping, lest freezerburn provoke!). Perfect.

Oh, and shared a lunchbox with Nate. Serendipitously, after filling all the orders, there was ONE LEFT!

Rarry was feeling celebratory, too, so I gave her a few branches of catnip. Yeah, branches. That’s how we roll around here.

She lost her mind.

The comedown.

I made more cupcakes, this time for grieving. Since cupcakes = instant joy, I figured they were appropriate for our gathering.

A new concoction, blackberry cobbler – rich (soy)buttermilky cake with a fat organic blackberry in the middle; raspberry frosting on top.

And today, I roasted vegetables for the road tomorrow. Does anyone else cook everything in their fridge before travelling?

My battery’s almost dead – love you all!

PS: atliens, bradford cox likes the Ponce whole foods. just sayin’.